We are a Michigan-based nonprofit with a mission to better understand and better protect the common loon and its aquatic habitat, especially within the Great Lakes region. Although our organization is a new one, we are comprised of individuals who have been working toward these goals for nearly two decades. Four loons provides an overview of some of these efforts, while one year offers an introduction to the species itself.

More broadly, we have attempted to structure this site as an intersection of our past work and our present interests. Michigan loons traces the historical arc of the species in the state, and suggests the context in which our agenda was fashioned. Research highlights our efforts toward more accurate and efficient monitoring of common loon populations, our long-term study of color-marked birds, and our investigations into the perils of mercury contamination; the section also touches upon several salient aspects of loon biology and behavior. Conservation explores the necessity of employing both wide-ranging and case-specific approaches in response to the threats posed to loons and their habitat. Education details our participation in upcoming events, our availability for public presentations and engagements, and our answers to many of the questions posed by site visitors. A sampling of papers and reports can be found in resources, as can a revolving list of links to relevant and/or interesting web destinations. Lastly, the archive is a collection of elaborations, extrapolations and tangents.

We appreciate your interest in Common Coast, and welcome contact for all manner of inquires, ideas and assistance.